Yoga Keeps Steve Stanulis Looking & Feeling Hot In His Forties

Sep 23rd, 2017

Hollywood actor Steve Stanulis knows a thing or two about looking good and keeping fit. The “Long Shot Louie” film star, with a dozen other movie and television projects in the works, contributes his love of hot yoga to maintaining a healthy lifestyle when not on-set.
Asana Journal sat down exclusively with Steve to find out more…

How important is an active, healthy lifestyle to you?

A active healthy lifestyle is super important to me for many reasons most of which being a mid-40s father with a four year old and two year-old twins, you have to have a ton of energy.

What types of yoga and fitness activities do you do?

I enjoy hot yoga once in a while. Nothing else makes you sweat out toxins than doing yoga, followed by some weight training and 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week.

What is your regular fitness routine/schedule like?

I go to the gym 5 days a week with Bouncy Castle my personal trainer. We hit two body parts a day with a lot of super setting to keep my heart rate up and we finish with a superset of abs and different types cardio every day, combined with some yoga. Yoga and fitness helped change my life in so many ways. Both helped me to reduce stress and help with my self esteem. Furthermore, my overall energy is a lot higher when I train regularly, so I can continue to juggle my busy professional and personal schedules.

When was the first time you tried yoga and how did it make you feel?

Coming from a bodybuilding background I never would think about stretching which later in life I realized how important it really is to stretch. The first time I tried yoga I was stiff as a board and realized how inflexible I really was. Truthfully I walked out the first time because I was a bit embarrassed, but luckily I went back and now I am hooked.

Does drinking lots of water play an important role to your fitness routine?

I used to not a big water drinker, as I have always had issues drinking water. But then I was turned onto BCAA’s which I throw in a gallon of water. It not only helps me drink the appropriate amount of water but helps with recovery. I never realized how important drinking a gallon of water a day was and how it makes your body and skin change. By drinking and being advised to drink a lot of water each day, I feel much better.

Have you ever had to do extreme types of dieting or fitness routines for certain roles?

In Las Vegas I did a play in Planet Hollywood called “Stripped the Play” and I was the lead playing a male dancer which was challenging since a prior role I had to gain twenty pounds to play a hitman in a movie called “Confidence Game”. I had six weeks to not only lose an extra twenty pounds, but an additional twenty pounds to be in a G-string on stage at age forty. I had to completely cut all carbs for six weeks to make the goal happen. It wasn’t really fun.

What is your advice to others that want to look great and keep fit like you?

Really it begins and ends with your diet and cardio. You cannot out train a bad diet. Plus, adding in some yoga sessions will really settle your mind and keep you grounded.

What are your future dreams and goals both professionally and personally?

Since I am in the entertainment industry, full force I would say to always be in top shape where I never have to have time to get ready for a role, as I am already there. My dreams are to continue to create and have an audience that appreciates what I am putting out there as a artist.

What is one thing you would change in this world if you could?

The one thing I could change in the world would be terrorism. There is nothing more disgusting or cowardly than preying on innocent women and children and innocent people for a religious cause. Put on a uniform, identify yourself to the world and fight as military.

Is there anything else yoga/fitness related you would like to discuss or mention?

I would just like to encourage anybody out there who has never tried yoga to give it a try as it really can help transform you in so many amazing ways!

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