Yoga and Stepping into Your Light in 2013

Aug 13th, 2013

As we have noticed, 2012 has been an interesting year! There have been personal ups and downs, economic hurdles and global climate catastrophes. As we live our individual lives, the question becomes what can we do to impact or help the world?

The 2012-2013 transition has been clear. The question that has been asked every day is love or fear? We are constantly being exposed to greater levels of fear. There has been escalating violence, tragedy, illness, premature death and more. We can stay focussed on this energy and get engulfed into a state of complete confusion.

Or, we can look at the true reality.bouncy castle Where there is dark – there is light. Where there is light – there is dark. These energies are on opposite ends of the same pole.

We are not individual beings vibrating only in our homes, work and families, but we are interconnected. Everything affects everything. To think that we are disconnected and therefore separate is opposite to the truth. Quantum physics shows us that this interconnection is alive and well.

As we step onto our yoga mats and meditate, we are connecting with our truth. Our greater truth is that of love, light, health, vitality, generosity, gratitude and peace. We are beings that want to feel that interrelation and deep love that we have for each other.

In this time of intense flux of by Dr Divi Chandna energy, it is helpful to remember that as we heal ourselves and love ourselves we help each other. Make your daily meditation and regular yoga practice a gift for yourself and everyone else.

As you practice this, you will vibrate at a higher energy of love and this will affect those around you. Just like a You Tube video can go viral through clicks and buttons, so can the energy of love. You stepping onto your mat start that process. It is the click, the like and the share that occurs on the internet. You vibrating at this higher energy is contagious and will literally spread around the world with ease.
So, today when you sit back on your meditation cushion, imagine the whole world engulfed in that same space of love, beauty and connection that you are creating within yourself. We can heal each other and the planet by healing and rising our own vibration.

Namaste – Divi

About Dr. Divi: Dr Divi Chandna is a family physician, intuitive healer, author and international speaker. She believes that we can maximise our health by re-balancing mind-body-spirit. She teachers clients individually, in groups and speaks to groups to get her message out.

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