A new organic earth water is changing the yoga scene!

Apr 9th, 2016

Hydrating and fitness go hand-in-hand, and so it is very important that whatever you put into your body during a yoga session is something healthy that will do your body more good than harm. Enter Earth Water, also known as FulHum.

EarthWater / FulHum, is the world’s first water beverage that is literally black in color and contains raw materials obtained from deposits deep within the earth’s surface and mined from a multi-million year old preserved deposit. The beverage’s fulvic humic product is extracted without the use of damaging chemicals, while those using riverbeds and lakes, can be contaminated by acid rain, polluted air, and chemical runoff. And to make this drink even better, it provides trace minerals while helping you maintain proper hydration during exercise.

UFC fighters, celebrities, and countless athletes and east jump yoga enthusiasts are switching to this new brand, and so Asana Journal had to sit down with its creator CJ Comu out in Texas to find out more…

How were you first introduced to yoga? What were your original thoughts to the practice?

I experienced Yoga the first time about ten years ago when I was injured from tennis and someone suggested this would be great way to get my body back in the “groove”. I found the experience created a wonderful level of clarity and calm and then I fell in love.

Factory-2Do you practice any types of yoga?

I’m not an expert in other advanced forms of yoga – but I really do like Bikram Hot Yoga and consider myself an intermediate student. A one hour session totally clears my head and gives me an unbelievable natural high.

Can you tell us how the EarthWater / FulHum beverage relates to the yoga and fitness markets?

We feel FulHum can dramatically replenishes the lost micro nutrients from a hard session & dehydration without someone having to put unneeded sugars and chemicals (drinks) into the body to try and achieve the right level of hydration.

What makes FulHum so healthy?

FulHum is composed of the richest Fulvic and Humic minerals found deep within the Earth from a sterile mine and studies have shown that this composition has ability to; produce natural electrolytes, implement powerful antioxidants, neutralizes free radicals and carries life essential minerals.

What amount of FulHum do you recommend individuals to drink prior, during and after a work out and/or yoga session?

We recommend one 20 oz bottle before and one bottle after a session. Since it’s 100% natural with no additives you can drink 4-5 per day.

FulHum-Pic -FINAL

How is FulHum different from other types of beverages?

FulHum has ZERO; Chemicals, Colors, Carbohydrates, Sugar and is non GMO. We are made from natural minerals from within the Earth and do not alter the DNA or composition of the product. We are also one of few Company’s that use High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) to create a perfect balanced product with a consistent +9ph.

Will FulHum be coming out with any flavors or additional products in the next year or two?

Yes – we have a very exciting new line in final stage of review – which we expect to release in May this year.

FulHum-GirlsWhat are your future dreams and goals for FulHum in terms of the yoga and fitness industries?

We would love to get people to properly hydrated while infusing the much needed micro-nutrients to help re-build broken cells and repair the body with a natural beverage to show the difference to the body in flexibility and recovery after their session.

Anything you wish to add?

Drink FulHum – one bottle a day could change and improve the quality of your life.

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