Aura Therapy

Oct 2nd, 2015

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Benefits of Aura Reading

Each human is basically an energy being. Particles of energy vibrate and create Aura signatures. They enable us to gain insight into a person’s personality and conditions. Aura colors are based on the mental and physical body. Our ability to see and understand auras has potential to change as we raise our spiritual awareness.

Scientists believe the human Aura is partly composed from EM (Electromagnetic) radiation, which combines microwave, Infrared (IR) and UV light. The low frequency microwave and infrared part of the spectrum (body heat) seems connected to low levels of body functioning (DNA structure, metabolism, circulation). High frequency (UV) is grounded is conscious activities like thinking, creativity, intentions, humor and emotions. It helps to grasp distinctions as part of your learning process. Why would it be useful to expand our perception and learn to read Aura ?

Many benefits that can come from the ability to read other people’s auras. For one, you can easily tell the mood of a person based on his or her aura. The aura is also a good indicator of the person’s honesty or truthfulness. Knowing the aura of a person is very useful in making new friends, hiring new employees, joining a new group in school, and even choosing a leader, a mentor, or a priest.


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