Changing the Channel

Nov 7th, 2015

Universal Life is a transmitter that repeatedly sends signals, both audio and visual through various frequencies. What we refer to as “mind”, “heart”, or “consciousness”, receives the transmitted signals and converts them into useful signals that can be processed by our own individual awareness. Any, living and breathing entity can pick up these signals effortlessly. Life designed us to be living receptors, so we came here with the building blocks of what we need in order to do the one thing that we were created to do- live. Now, the quality of that individual life is determined by us because we were designed with free will.

Additionally, the quality of our lives is dependent on two factors:

  1. Our ability to clearly pick up on the signals that Universal Life is transmitting to us.
  2. Our ability to consciously tune into the signals that will best help us fulfill our goals in our individual life.

Remember, Universal Life transmits dozes of signals to us every day, on a variety of frequencies. If you don’t like the signal you are receiving, then you have the power to change the channel.

Positivity is a specific channel, transmitted by Universal Life. Yes it is true, that if we search for pain, we can find it. If we search for heartache, we can find it. And if we search for misfortune, we can find it. But positivity is a specific channel, distributed by Universal Life, in which we have to make a conscientious effort to tune into to. One of the biggest misconceptions about this particular channel is that by tuning into it, your individual problems will magically go away. You are too brilliant and too wise to believe such an assumption. Positivity does not change your life’s circumstances. Rather, positivity strengthens your awareness so that you can get up and change your life’s circumstances. Positivity gives you strength on the deepest levels of your being and if you are wise, you can use this energy to clarify other areas of your life in which your reception and perception of your individual circumstances are unhealthy. And if you can develop a pattern of fulfilling this task, on a daily basis, you can preprogram yourself to remain attuned to this frequency. Make a commitment today to tune into this frequency and prepare yourself to watch the power of Life itself work through you to make your life enjoyable beyond what you could ever ask or think!

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