Clean Energy For a New World

Oct 7th, 2016

The fallout of industrialisation, urbanisation and consumerism has been continual exploitation of nature and its resources, resulting in ecological imbalance that is taking a heavy toll on human life. Fallout is the energy crisis our world is facing today. The world’s demands on the limited natural resources that are used to power industrial society are increasing day by day. Clean energy is any energy coming from a source that is not much polluting, such as the energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

While many people are aware of the jumpers for sale causes and solutions for the energy crisis and ecological imbalance earth is facing, hardly a few know about its link with another kind of energy crisis that is even more toxic and harmful.

This world is interplay of material and spiritual energies. The material world is intimately linked to the subtle world of awareness, attitude, thoughts and feelings. We can make a lasting impact on our environment only by addressing the subtle inner awareness that informs the outer environment.

The violation of the innate qualities of the human soul, such as truth, purity, peace, love and respect, has led to the violation of natural law and order. There is so much violence and discord in human minds that nature too has started striking discordant notes in the form of storms, earthquakes, hurricanes and famine. Poisoned feelings in human hearts have poisoned the air, water and soil.

There have been interesting studies on the effect of thoughts and feelings on matter such as water, plants and animals. Infact, the vision of a new world wherein everyone is blessed with health, happiness and prosperity can only be created with the clean mental and emotional energy of viceless souls. Unless we rid our minds and hearts of vices such as lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego, we cannot create a world wherein nature and humans exist in harmony and abundant health and happiness.


We are radiating energy all the time. The world around us is a reflection of our attitudes, moods and feelings. We have all seen how ripples are created when a stone is dropped in water. Similarly, we all are constantly sending out vibrations or ‘vibes’ or the subtle energy called ‘thoughts’, every thought we create sends out a vibration and influences our environment. Conversely, we are getting influenced by other people’s energy. Any negative or positive event is an exchange of energy between humans and the ripple effects.

An attitude that is predominant in our nature creates subtle vibrations around us, and over a period of time these consistent vibrations create a certain kind of environment. We can sense or feel the vibes in a place of worship such as temple, an academic institution or a natural resort are markedly different from the environment in a pub, hospital or train etc.

So how do we create clean energy and a clean environment that reflects peace, respect, harmony, joy and generosity? Each of us has the ability to transform energy. Human relationships are simply repeated exchanges of energy through attitudes, feelings and palpable behaviour. When one person in a relationship sends out negative energy, the other usually reciprocates with negativity. This cycle of negativity will not shift until one of them transforms and sends back positive energy through a positive attitude and behaviour.

The media has a great capacity to create a powerful ripple effect and shape negative or positive environments. Persistent cycles of violence have been triggered by the exchange of negative energy on a massive scale. When we understand this energy exchange we understand why things happen and why history repeats  down the centuries.

It also reminds us that we have to be careful about the quality of energy we radiate. If we want to live in a positive environment we can create it. How? – By respecting other humans, by seeing good in others and being aware of our own innate goodness.

Every human soul is originally pure and viceless. That is why the solution to the energy crisis is connected to the answer to the question – WHO AM I?.

When we see ourselves and others as pure spiritual beings we tend to radiate and others tend to reflect back pure feelings of love and peace.

The energy shift in the world also requires that we connect to an abundant, constant and imperishable source of such purity and goodness – GOD. He is one Being whose energy mechanical bull for sale remains constantly clean and pure because he never goes through the cycles of change that affect human souls. Meditation is an invisible channel that facilitates a constant flow of the purest of the pure, cleanest of the clean energy from God, who is the ‘Supreme Father’ of all souls.

It’s time now to detoxify the soul by awareness of our true self and absorb clean energy from God and then radiate it to the world around us. How much peace, love and joy we exchange on a continual basis will help remove the pollutants of fear, sorrow and vices and create a new worldof harmony and happiness.

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