Nov 5th, 2017

Love is not simply a desire, a passion, an in-tense feeling for one person or object, but a consciousness which is simultaneously selfless and self-fulfilling. Love can be for one’s country, for a cherished aim, for truth, for justice, for ethics, for people, for nature, for service and for God. Love flows from truth, that is, wisdom. Love based on wisdom is real love, not blind love; and to discover the secrets of love is to watch the secrets of life unfold.

Basis of true love

The basis of real love between people is spiritual. To see another as a spiritual being, a soul, is to see the spiritual reality of the other. To be conscious of that reality is to have spiritual love: each person, complete within, independent yet totally interconnected, recognizes that state in the other. As a result, there is constant and natural love. True love is when the soul has love for the soul. Love for the soul is eternal; soul never dies. Such love is righteous, and it brings joy. Attachment to that which is perishable is unrighteous, and it brings sorrow.

When spiritual love prevails, neither internal nor external animosity, hatred, anger or jealousy are possible.

Negative feelings are transformed into positive feelings with the coolness of love. In spiritual love there is harmony, since love removes con-trolling or codependent tendencies and ensures kindness, caring, and amicable understanding.

Coolness of love

Spiritual love means not dwelling on the weakness of others. Instead, there is concern for removing one’s own defects. The method to do that is to “check one’s own pulse” regularly to monitor how much one has adopted the natural habit of giving happiness, not sorrow, to others. However, true love from the heart also means one cannot bear to see weaknesses in another for whom there is love. There is the pure desire to correct what is inaccurate. Such correction would be carried out, on one hand with the feeling of love, and on the other hand, with the power of words. There would be balance between the two. When there is too much force in the words or too much move, the result is not successful. If words are too sharp, another may be insulted or put off by bossiness. When one has the right balance of love and power in words, that gives others an experience of compassion, mercy and benefit. No matter how powerful or bitter the message, it will touch the heart of the other and will be experienced as truth.

Human beings have become caught up in a pattern of behaviour which has distorted the value of love and the ability to trust one another with feelings and intentions. One minute there is love; next minute that love is broken, resulting in intense sorrow and pain. It is as if the human intellect has lost connection with One eternal source of love and has taken support from temporary sources. As a result, instead of having one strength and one support from an unconditional source, human souls remain thirsty for true love, even one drop. Without that love, they continue to wander about in distress.

The eternal flame

The world remembers God as the ultimate source of love, the Ocean of Love, the eternal flame. God gives – unconditionally – love that is imperishable, universal and unique. Imperishable in that love is unlimited, constantly radiating and totally available. Universal in that the love holds no boundaries or preferences; loving vibrations emanate to all souls of all cultures, races and creeds. Unique in that fire of God’s love cleans the heart and soul. Those who tap into such love re-establish the bond of eternal relationship. Those who experience the spiritual love of God – who ‘merge with the Eternal Flame of Truth’ – are disconnected from falsehood. Such souls have learned the first lesson of universal brotherhood: that all souls have love for one another because they are children from the same Parent. This is called spiritual love.

When the fire of spiritual love has been ignited, individuals begin exercising the will power to set themselves free from bondages of short-lived gratification. Time is invested and effort is made to build an internal stage in which love is revealed on the face and in every activity. With the enlightenment of spiritual love, individuals are less disturbed by adverse circumstances. They view dark clouds and storms as opportunities to exercise their internal strength and resources. If others do not give them love, that does not extinguish their flame. They overcome thoughts inflatable water slides for sale which may direct them to step away from a particular person, place or task. Instead, there is the faith that with effort, they will make a significant and beneficial difference. The more effort is made to love, the more is received. The spark of effort is love and true love for effort means to remove whatever weaknesses stand in the way of love.

An entire world can be transformed through loving vision, loving attitude and loving actions. To create a better world – a world of truth – spiritual love is primary. In a better world, the natural law is love; and in a better person, the natural nature is loving.

Source: Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a socio-spiritual educational institution working for the establishment of a peaceful and virtuous society. The organisation imparts spiritual knowledge and teaches Rajayoga meditation that empowers a person with inner powers, divine virtues, developing a vision for the self and clarity in life. It is actively associated with the UN through its affiliation as an NGO. It has consultative status with ECOSOC and UNICEF. The UN has conferred it with seven peace messenger awards.
The Brahma Kumaris has a global presence with over 9000 meditation centres in 139 countries spread across all the continents, conducting Rajayoga sessions free of cost to anybody interested. The International Head Quarters is in Mt.Abu Rajasthan, India.

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