Digital Mysticism

Sep 30th, 2015

Have you ever hacked into the core of your normal everyday affairs in order to insert a page break in the web of your life? Have you ever stopped and allowed yourself the space to just feel the ecstatic sensory data as it filters into the artificial space called “your life.” This is what creates your individual conscious experience of the world around you, why shouldn’t you pause and bask in the sea of ecstatic bliss that the feeling of being alive brings to both your body and your mind? The conscious experience is difficult to put into words because it’s bigger than words. In fact, consciousness itself is the container from which words bubble up. Sounds like an acid trip right? But it’s ok because there’s nothing wrong with getting high off of life. And guess what, you’re not alone!

Right now, in the place where you are sitting, eating, laughing, and making love, you are on a vast tour of the solar system as the beautiful rock that we are living on called Earth, is dancing in its orbit around the sun (3rd in line to be exact). Our sun (which is a star of course) is in turn, dancing to its own groove around our Milky Way galaxy. Life is so much bigger than we can ever know, and our perception of the worlds around us will never allow us to taste the vastness of what it has to offer unless we learn to stop and engage its mysticism.

For me, waking up was never just a one-time experience; it’s a continuous time-loop that I voluntarily choose to relive every day, that’s just as real to me as my experience of physically arising from sleep on a daily basis. And there are three things that I remind myself of everyday so that I can continue to allow my own experience of the world around me to be open and fluid:

  1. The suction power of the black hole experience that we call individual consciousness, pulls us so deep into it that if I’m not careful, it can cause myself to become lost to the bigger possibilities that exist outside of what I can see, taste, hear, feel, touch and imagine.
  2. If I cave under its weight, I will allow the gravitational pull of my individual life to crush myself as I’m being sucked in by the vortex of choices, responsibilities and demands that my life brings to me.
  3. Or I can learn to skirt along the horizon of the theoretical black hole I call my individual conscious experience and allow time to stand still for me every now and then so that I can refresh my soul.

During the times of mystics such as St. Theresa of Avila, St. Francis of Assisi and modern life hackers like Howard Thurmond and many others, our ability to pause and give time for deep exploration of the inner life is the formula that brings hue into our own lives. And for the sake of this article, I refer this particular group of teachers as life hackers because they demonstrated what it is like to hack into life’s source code which is found at the heart of the inner subjective experience! This is the magical elixir that transforms a life of black and white into one filled with rich color. In fact, our ability over centuries to engage with this space has given rise to a new form of mysticism that I’d like to call “digital mysticism” or “cyber mysticism.”

Digital mystics or Cyber mystics are evolutions way of bottling the teachings of ancient wisdom traditions and fleshing them out in the 21st century as what we call “futurists”, bounce house for sale artificial intelligence fanatics, and digital explorers. Both you and I are digital/cyber explorers and mystics, whether we consider ourselves to be or not. One thing that is certain is that we are definitely digital/cyber citizens. And based on the nature of that surface level of digital existence, there must be an inner/mystical compatibility that matches the experience of the ordinary within that environment. When Jesus said that the kingdom or expansion of what we call “God” was within, he was actually attempting to rewrite the source code of his 1st century generation by informing them that the possibility for a greater experience of life or transcendence wouldn’t be found in solar space but in a deeper, evolutionary form of inner space.

Today, I believe that inner space, in addition to residing within our own souls, is also the realm of cyber space. In this digital world, you are transported through worm holes called search engines that catapult you to dimensions that could only physically exist in theoretical possibilities; where planets are called social media networks, (Facebook, YouTube and others), populated by thousands of people who interact via sensory experiences. And let’s not forget that cyber black hole called the internet, which if you dance along its edge, time disappears into eternity.

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