Editor’s Note Issue 161

May 31st, 2016

This month we are featuring Nicole Walsh whose yoga journey transformed from the corporate world to becoming an adherent yoga practitioner, now an inspiring teacher well known in Australia. People connect to yoga through various ways. I witness many students from the corporate world become inspired by yoga jumping castle and ultimately become full time yoga teachers. These teachers are very passionate about sharing their transformation through yoga to people around them. Guruji Dr. Asana, once a senior Government officer, quit his job to share his passion of yoga to others as well.

As you can probably see, we have completely revamped the design of Asana Journal to give a new refreshing  look to our readers. Being a non profit journal, Asana has come a long way only through the support of our subscribers. In the forth coming months, we are planning to publish more research based articles and news that will bring much needed awareness for the yoga therapy community.

June 21st is the International Yoga Celebration Day which is a global event that unites and connects all yoga practitioners around the world across all walks of life. As a pre-celebration to this day, on June 19th, Anahata Yoga Hong Kong  and Andiappan Yoga Community have organised a yoga awareness program with the support of AYC volunteers. Asana Journal will feature this event in our July issue so stay tuned.

We have also updated our Asana Journal app in Apple App Store and in Google Play Store. Please remember to update our app.

As always, enjoy reading Asana Journal and your yoga practice.


Yogananth Andiappan

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