Editor’s Note Issue 158

Feb 8th, 2016

As you all know, cancer is one of the leading cause of death worldwide. Fighting this disease has become the major mission for many health organisations globally. Breast Cancer alone kills around 521,000 people every year and it is expected to increase by about 70% within the next two decades. Many inspiring stories can be found daily on ways to fight cancer.

Yoga is one good way to protect ourselves from the risk of cancer. It is also one of the most effective post treatment rehabilitative therapy that can be applied holistically in Bouncy Castle conjunction with other therapies to enhance the quality of life of cancer survivors. Today, yoga and its effect on cancer is one of the major research studies in the medical industry.

In this month’s issue, Yulady Saluti shares with us her journey of fighting cancer not once but twice with breast cancer as well as with various other health problems. She explains how she found the strength and connection with her body and mind through yoga . She is an inspiring yogini to many yoga practitioners and cancer survivors alike.

Our Ayurveda talk article received many praises and many people have sent us emails on Ayurveda on various other diseases. We will be featuring the effects of Ayurveda and other ailments in the upcoming issues.

Do not forget to read the inspiring journey of Kostyantyn Yaremenko from martial arts to yoga. His collaboration with a photographer Kristina Kashtanova, a renowned photographer who took some stunning images is also most interesting.

As always, enjoy your practice and in reading the Asana Journal.

Yogananth Andiappan

Asana Journal

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