Editor’s Note Issue 157

Jan 23rd, 2016

On behalf of our editorial team I wish you all a very happy prosperous and healthy new year.

I apologize for the slight delay in the January issue as the severe flood situation has affected our regular office functions and connectivity to the internet.

This month we celebrate a festival called Pongal which is also the Tamil New Year on the 15th of January 2016. It is the festival for offering our prayers to Sun God and gratitude to the farmers.

This month we are featuring Talia Sutra who has an amazing yoga journey, She is an adherent yoga practitioner and teacher. She answers questions from the yawining yoga class beginnings to how she found the connection and love for yoga. She is also quite popular for her “yoga selfies”, hollywood style yoga demo videos. Talia loves her connection to the students and other yogis through the web world. There are only a handful of renowned western yoga teachers who say” all yoga is good yoga” while others claim and defend their yoga is the best and unique and better than others.

Thank you all the contributors for supporting asana journal and their contributing articles, and writing to us and giving us ideas and helping us continue to do this service to the art of the yoga. Now we have articles updated almost on the daily basis in the our website www.asanajournal.com.

We have many interesting articles this month and as always enjoy your practice and reading asana journal.


Yogananth Andiappan

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