Editor’s Note Issue 162

Jun 29th, 2016

June is always an eventful month for yoga.  The second UN International Day of Yoga will be celebrated all over the world.  I believe no other event unites people around the world the same way.  I am sure there is an event on June 17th in your city so please join the event.  The world need gathering of people today to bring the much needed health awareness, peace and harmony within the community.  This month we are featuring Mark Robberds who is very passionate about yoga, music and surfing.  It’s always nice to know people experience a connection of their yoga experience inflatable water slide in various other ways.  As an Indian drum player (mirudangam), I experience a deeper connection of my yoga practice experience while playing drums. The yoga experience has so many dimensions which can be felt in all activities.  As Guruji Andiappan says “Yoga is not just a mat practice, it is a beginning to learn the fundamentals, but with guidance of an experienced guru, one can transcend off the mat and find connections in each and every action we do in our life.”  It is amazingly true in my life.

A big thank you to our contributing team who shares their professional tips and experiences to Asana Journal readers.  I also thank all our readers and well wishers for giving your views and comments to the design improvement of the journal.  We have done our best to make it better.  We always welcome articles by contributors, who would like to share their yoga journey to our readers.  We are also in the process of launching an online yoga practice video section on our website.

As always, enjoy reading the journal and your practice.


Yogananth Andiappan

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