Editor’s Note Issue 155

Dec 5th, 2015

This month we are featuring Mark Golding who created “Sacred Geometry” which is a unique form of chakras and mandalas.  The art of geometric images are not just man made but there are so many geometric patterns found in nature such as crop circles, cloud patterns and woodcuts etc…

Although it is backed by amazing theories, many people are puzzled by its complexity and perfection especially to the scale of area it spreads over.  I have witnessed some amazing patterns of colors and light rays during my practice and it bring many new experiences to my body and mind.  Many patterns are influenced by our life Bouncy Castle events and chakra functions.  I believe there are hidden messages and meanings within these patterns which our body and mind are communicating with on various levels.  There are patterns within us and around us.  To me, people and their activities are also patterns.  Different energies form and dissolves in our daily lives which triggers positive and negative events.

This modern day science is now applied on a macro level using technology to track a person’s activities and habitual thought patterns for various reasons such as research and business.

Another interesting article in this month’s Asana is by Vikram Zutshi.  The “Yoga medicine” article proves how yoga should be taught in schools, rehabilitation centers as well as prisons.  I remember Guruji Andiappan taught yoga for various maximum security prisons in Tamil Nadu.  He says prisons are the place to enable the healing of inmates instead of making them more aggressive.  Yoga can heal people to their core and they will not turn back into violence.

There are many inspiring articles this month that will be useful for your practice, so enjoy reading this month’s Asana Journal and enjoy your practice.


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