Mar 10th, 2018

A doomsday clock hangs in the University of Chicago, representing the countdown to a potential global catastrophe. In January 2016, the Bulletein of Atomic Scientists retained its setting at three minutes to midnight, declaring that the earth is on the brink of a disaster due to two major reasons – nuclear war and climate change.

Today, when everything around us seems to be collapsing, we may become anxious about the future of humanity. We wonder where we are all headed to; is our tomorrow bleak or is there a silver lining somewhere? To explore this further, let us revisit some universal truths.

Law of entropy

The present conditions on Earth signal that we are nearing the ‘end’ of what may have once been seen as in full glory. According to the law of entropy, everything in a closed system such as this universe is bound to degenerate. The process of randomization of energy or the wasting away of the original potential of everything is a constant. This is true until an external source of energy supplements the system. We have already reached the point of extreme deterioration of spirit and matter. Even when we fervently try to make things work, this acts merely to patch things up because with time, any system is bound to plunge to a further low. We are unable to redeem the situation on earth because we are attempting the impossible by trying to return from a point of no return. Something that has been fully exhausted cannot be restored to its original sheen. So, is there no hope for us? Yes. There is.

Law of eternity

While the universe is naturally subject to degeneration, it is also designed for continuity by the law of eternity. The law of eternity ensures that all that was ‘acquired’ perishes over time, the ‘essence’ remains and becomes the source of a new start. This knowledge is also connected to the cyclical pattern of time, which tells us that there is never a dead end, as an end always leads to a new beginning. It gives us hope that even the darkest night will finally break into dawn as change is constant. So there is every possibility for a bright future for humanity, but the point to understand here is that we can’t go backwards in time, we can only move forwards. An aged tree cannot return to being a sapling, however, the seed it leaves behind can surely grow into a new tree. Similarly, Earth cannot be revived step by step, but the cycle of time will begin afresh. In between will be a period of transition where the old world order will give way to the new one.


Let’s put this into perspective. Science has confirmed that we are heading for difficult times. But before we hit the end, a new beginning will already be on its way. Since we are on the verge of finishing one cycle of time, the next chapter will be the start of a new one. To put it simply, Earth will be transferred from its polluted current state to its purest and superlative state. The impending chaos will thus become a blessing in disguise as it will open the stage for the most pristine period of the eternal world drama. But how does that massive change come about?

Role of God

As we discussed under law of entropy, a vast source of energy from outside our universe is needed to make this massive shift possible. Since human life and nature have to be completely transformed, we need a revolution that works from inside out, from the subtle to the physical level. So this is the auspicious time when the Creator – who is the powerhouse of sentient energy and the unbound reserve of spiritual strength – intervenes in the world drama. The Almighty alone can change the physical dimension and pattern of decline. He is ever pure, and is so known as the ultimate purifier.


He brings about this great shift by recharging human souls with their original powers and consciousness. The souls that connect with Him and their corrupted true self reach their highest potential. They then impact others and their surroundings. This catalyst group sow the seeds for creating the brightest future for humanity. This is followed by destruction of the old and corrupted world order. The great transformation of souls thus transfers the Earth to the Golden period.

Source: Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a socio-spiritual educational institution working for the establishment of a peaceful and virtuous society. The organisation imparts spiritual knowledge and teaches Rajayoga meditation that empowers a person with inner powers and divine virtues, developing a vision for the self and clarity in life. It is actively associated with the UN through its affiliation as an NGO. It has a consultative status with ECOSOC and UNICEF. The UN has conferred it with seven peace messenger awards. The Brahma Kumaris has a global presence with over 9000 meditation centres in 139 countries spread across all the continents, conducting Rajayoga sessions free of cost to anybody interested. The International Head Quarters is in Mt.Abu Rajasthan, India.

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