Finding Your Zen Is Only A Sip Away!

Aug 8th, 2016

There is a brand new cool drink on the market that is geared towards 13700144_1841719682776285_8290409986350115791_nthose of us who are looking to stay healthy, find our zen and put the proper natural minerals in our bodies! Zenful is the name of the new flavored water beverage that is the complete balance of nutrients, hydration and calming flavor. The drink has even caught the attention of various health experts, Hollywood celebrities and popular fitness models such as Caitlin O’Connor.

Asana Journal caught up with the people behind Zenful to learn more about what is making this drink a popular choice for yogis everywhere…

How does drinking ZENFUL help a person’s mind, body and soul?

ZenFul can help create a balanced state of mind and body. Since the formulation is all natural and the flavors come from a Plant and Tree extract, it does not have any chemicals that can harm or alter the body and with the much needed micro nutrients in our brand the beverage can help hydration and cell replenishment, to help with rehydration, recovery and make you feel refreshed.

DSC_9788Can you tell us how the ZENFUL beverage relates to the yoga and fitness markets?

We have chosen the Fitness and Yoga Market as they represent our core client and customer base with people that perform these types of activities by nature are concerned about their health and body and want to make inflatable water slide sure everything they can do to stay healthier longer. We feel by including ZenFul into their work out and or training routine, not only can they replenish the electrolytes from heavy training and exercise they can now replenish their body with natural minerals.

What flavors does ZENFUL come in and which is your personal favorite?

ZenFul is offered in four delicious natural flavors; Cucumber Mint, Jasmine Blackberry, Lemon Lime Cilantro, and Chamomile Hibiscus. My personal favorite is Cucumber Mint – but I drink ALL the flavors.

How is ZENFUL different from other types of beverages?

We are proud to say we do not make ZenFul with any chemicals, colors, carbohydrates and its non GMO. One of the first thing people need to look at is the Sugar (real – synthetic – artificial) which many medical professionals state is one of the worst things you can put into your body. This is something to state we are proud of that ZenFul does not contain ANY sugar or artificial sweetener.

What are your future dreams and goals for ZENFUL in terms of the yoga and fitness industries?

We would like Yoga and Fitness enthusiasts to make ZenFul a normal part of their day and training regime. Since our products are natural, and contain trace minerals from the Earth, people can enjoy multiple bottles a day for their normal required hydration – without having to experience sugar and chemical issues.

How can people buy ZENFUL and which countries is it available in?

ZenFul formally launched on August 1st 2016 and is available online through our website – look for us in-stores worldwide in the near future!

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