Holistic Rajayoga Therapy – need of the hour

Nov 14th, 2016

One of the basic aspect for holistic healthcare is that “healing takes place from within”. Studies reveal that Rajayoga practice transforms the Biochemistry tof brain inturn having a harmonising effect on the whole organism. Most important point is that there is a healer within each one of us and holistic healing begins with self-initiative.  During Rajayoga practice the person also re-establishes harmony with other human beings, his environment and the universal life energy. It is an art of fulfilling those responsibilities in a balanced way and achieving the goal of holistic self-development covering physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

In spiritual terminology, yoga means communion with of the self with the supreme being. Once this communion is established, the practitioner receives powerful positive vibrations of tranquillity, purity, happiness etc. from the supreme soul. The mechanism of Rajayoga practice can be explained with the help of another example: Different radio stations are broadcasting their programs on specific wavelength. When we adjust our radio on a specific wave length it will pick up those particular programme. During Rajayoga practice one simply tunes the mind that synchronises with the wavelength of the supreme soul and in turn receives all positive vibrations.

This elevated form of yoga, can be practiced in the following simple steps.

• Preliminary preparation  – Before performing major or minor surgery, a surgeon prepares himself . Similarly, for a deep and lasting experience of Rajayoga, some basic preliminary preparations are necessary- physical and mental.

• Physical preparations – As a beginner, select a place free from noise and other distractions. If the room is illuminated with red light, it has a positive effect. Research studies have shown that red light atmosphere that has pinkish tinge has the tranquilizing effect on one’s mind.

• Position – the aim of Rajayoga is to become a karmayogi which means to remain free in a meditative mood even while performing day-to-day actions. However, it is beneficial to practice Rajayoga twice a day exclusively for 20 to 25 minutes each. Research done in the field of subtle energies have shown that through certain parts of the body, maximum energy is transmitted to the atmosphere. Palms of the hand and soles of the feet have shown to be good media for this transmission.

• Time –  meditation can be practiced anytime when one is free. Yet the early morning time around sunrise and sunset, the surrounding atmosphere itself facilitates the meditation practice.

• Self-observation – Raja yoga can be used for treatment of many specific diseases holistically. Regarding yoga practice many people have several misconceptions. One fundamental misconception is that during meditation one must make our mind blank. It is a wrong notion because, when you aim mechanical bull for sale to make your mind blank, you will find that at a particular point all unnecessary and unwanted thoughts disturb you. Before you sit for meditation, your mind is travelling on a specific road where your final destination is worldly goals and objectives. During the first 15 to 20 minutes of meditation practice you want to give turn to your mental thoughts on the road where the final destination is that of spiritual experiences.

In the beginning of meditation for few seconds observe your own thoughts. Just watch your mind like a third person. When you do this self-observation, invariably you will find that the speed of thinking reduces.

The above steps contribute to the stage 1 of meditation. We shall continue with consequent stages and method of utilizing the meditation techniques to solve various problems in our life, in the next issue.

Rajayoga benefits many people suffering from minor psychological problems known as ‘neurotic illness’. Late Dr.David H Fink well known neuropsychiatrist from California, described the term average middle class neurotic. According to him even normal people fall under this category. We at all times feel tensed, nervous, restless, frightened, have difficulty to go palpitation, undue sweating in hands and so on. Average middle class neurotics experience some of these symptoms on some occasions. If you honestly analyse your own life, you will find that at times you too experience such symptoms. Rajayoga practice alone can be of tremendous help in overcoming these symptoms.

Rajayoga practice is an easy and natural method of eliciting relaxation response. Herberd Benson at Harvard university has done extensive research and shown that relaxation is an antidote to stress. When you are relaxed you are able to face adverse circumstances more easily. Stress increases the susceptibility of a person for neurotic tendencies. Under tension you develop negative approach towards life’s events. You tend to become short tempered. The rational and logical thinking is hampered which tends to make a person neurotic.

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