How to obtain registration as a Yoga instructor in South Australia

Aug 31st, 2021

According to Yoga Australia, yoga is both a state of being and the means to attain it. If you’re passionate about it, why not make it the means to earn a living as well? And there’s no better job than doing what you truly love!

How do you go about it in South Australia (SA)? That’s not complicated at all. Here are the steps to obtain registration as a yoga instructor.

What qualifications do you need in SA to teach Yoga? 

If you’ve been practising yoga at home, reading books, and watching YouTube videos you probably have a good understanding of the principles and techniques of yoga. That’s not gonna be enough if you want to go pro. You need to find a yoga school. Some offer online courses which are of great help. 

Before signing up, check if they are accredited with one of the main yoga associations in the country, Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia. Avoid those that are not accredited, no matter what they say, otherwise you won’t be able to become a registered yoga teacher. 

Also, pay attention to the number of hours each course has. Even if you consider yourself an expert and think you don’t really need more classes, don’t sign up for a short course, just to get a diploma.

One of the main requirements to gain membership in a professional organisation like Yoga Alliance is to complete at least 350 hours of yoga classes.

Anything less is a waste of time and money and you will have to take additional courses. 

Character Assessments for Yoga Instructors

To become a registered member of a professional body you will have to pass a character assessment. This is mostly informal, but don’t be surprised if you’re asked about your criminal history. 

Yoga practitioners have had to put up with a lot of prejudice, so a professional organisation cannot take unnecessary risks. In South Australia (SA), it is recommended to order a National Police Check SA for yourself in preparation for your interview. You can easily do that by using the services of an online background check organisation. The process is straightforward with less red tape and you get the results back via email.

When you go to the interview, put the police check in your file to eliminate all talk about your background. This allows you to focus on your skills and will speed up the process.

Once you gain membership in a professional organisation you can start looking for a teaching position. 

How to register with a Yoga professional organisation in South Australia?

You will have to look up the local organisation of either Yoga Australia or Yoga Alliance. There are other yoga associations, but if you want to be a yoga instructor it’s best to be a member of one of the main professional bodies.

The first thing they’ll ask is what type of course did you complete. They will check to make sure you took enough classes in the main yoga techniques you will later use in a professional capacity.

If you don’t have enough classes in a specific technique you’ll probably have to rectify that and go back to school to study the required number of hours.

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