International Yoga Day 2016 Celebrations in Malaysia

Jun 24th, 2016

On 19th June Sunday morning at 6.30 am, Andiappan Yoga Tradition graduate Swati Pandey organized the practice of 108 Suryanamskar at her home yoga shala in Kualalumpur.
The group turned into One Breath, One Body, One Consciousness and energized their personal and group’s intention. The group energy was dedicated to energize the intention that “All children of the world are safe and happy with their loved ones”

The 6.30 am time was significant since it refers to  Sandhya Kaal – the 20 mt window before and after sunrise

when energies are in flux and chances of transcending limitations are higher. It is the time when the lunar energies are merging into solar energies and the possibility to be in the centre (Sushumna ) is higher.

It was a delightful and exhilarating experience for participants.The session was followed by post practice fun with favourite poses.

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