THE Power of Science – the view of Raja Yoga

Jul 20th, 2018

A scientist has to concentrate on his subject or object of research. This concentration enables them to reach useful conclusions and to make some inventions. There is great power in concentration and man’s thought. The scientist has, by mental concentration on various aspects of atom and other aspects of Matter, made such wonderful inventions such as the rocket and spaceships that he has ultimately been able to land on the moon. A spiritualist or yogi also practises concentration.

However, their concentration is not on the atom but the Atma-the soul which is finer and more forceful than the atom-and on God which is beyond where spaceships can go. His point of concentration is not physical but metaphysical, not inert but conscient and kind, peaceful and all-powerful, not mundane but divine. So, by this practice, he himself gets divinised and attains such subtle powers that are higher than the forces of Nature It is obvious that though an astronaut lands on the moon by means of rockets and spaceships, he, ultimately, comes back into the sea and back to earth. He returns not very much transformed in his inner nature. By going to the moon or by concentrating on the atom, man does not attain control over his mind ; he is not able to change his bad habits. But, with concentration on God, the self-luminous conscient point, he is able to purify his mind of evils, attain wonderful spiritual powers that bring about a change in habits, manifest divine qualities, happiness and peace. This type of concentration on God is known as Yoga. Yoga enables a man to get rid of body consciousness and to go, after death, to the world of liberated souls and, from there, the soul returns not to this land of misery but attains a sovereign deity status in heaven.

The Powers of science have made the world colourfuI, travel easy, work convenient and life comfortable whereas the powers of real yoga enable man to have victory over vices, to end the vagaries of Nature without spending even a single penny and to bring about a social order which is known by the name, iatyuga in which there is perfect harmony, where everything is plentiful and Nature is subservient to man. Yoga is not only a first class science but it can be called spiritual Metallurgy in that it the soul pure gold, purifying it of the vices now alloyed with it. It enables the sour to go beyond space and the mind to have the powers of a radar or a T.V.! It brings to man the benefits that biology and other sciences aim at. In every respect, it is a super science.

Yoga leads one to union with God. It leads to the attainment of lasting peace and bliss. Such Yoga is based on deep love for God. Love is a great cementing force. Love easily brings about concentration. One’s mind is very much occupied with the remembrance of a person whom on loves. But love is based on, and is known in the form of, some relationship as between a mother and a child, a sister and a brother or a friend and a friend. So, if one realises that there is the nearest and dearest relationship between the soul and the Supreme Soul, there is automatically a the love-link established which would lead to remembrance of God and to concentration of mind on Him. Today, there is crisis of character in all sections of society. Things are at their worst now. In the political sphere, there is always a scramble for seats of power and, to reach the Chair of Authority, one does not observe moral scruples. In the field of Religion, man is badly caught up in ritualism, blind faith and worship of imaginary gods. There is no enlightenment in the real sense. There is business in religion also today and man has ceased to observe the principles of a holy life. Today, business also knows no moral code. Hoarding, black-marketing, adulteration, tax-evasion and other malpractices are rampant.

Though religion discourages violence, people offer animal sacrifices to propitiate their gods or goddesses. Much blood is spilt daily in the name of religious worship! Science has also lost its humanitarian approach. Its objective today is invention without paying any consideration to the human good. The result is that weapons of terror and mass-destruction have been invented. Man today has become a slave to carnal desires. In his pursuits of pleasure, he observes no limits. He is breaking established norms of character and is indulging unashamedly into sensual pleasures. Those who have authority and status glaringly lack the sense of fellowfeeling. Their dealings are devoid of any love for mankind. All these facts point out that the present is the darkest hour. We are approaching the Zero Hour. It is the time of extreme irreligiousness when the advent of God should take place as promised in the Gita when the new, Golden era will down.

Source: Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a socio-spiritual educational institution working for the establishment of a peaceful and virtuous society. The organisation imparts spiritual knowledge and teaches Rajayoga meditation that empowers a person with inner powers and divine virtues, developing a vision for the self and clarity in life. It is actively associated with the UN through its affiliation as an NGO. It has a consultative status with ECOSOC and UNICEF. The UN has conferred it with seven peace messenger awards.
The Brahma Kumaris has a global presence with over 9000 meditation centres in 139 countries spread across all the continents, conducting Rajayoga sessions free of cost to anybody interested. The International Head Quarters is in Mt.Abu Rajasthan, India.

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