Jun 30th, 2017

Solitary, sidelined and nowhere to go – this is how a lot of us feel today while walking in the path of goodness. As the shrewd and cunning steal the show, virtues like simplicity, honesty and humility seem to be outdated. Sermons on goodness are generally reserved for those in their twilight years. For the rest it is normal to pursue power and wealth by hook or crook.

Where truth is always fighting a losing battle, seekers of justice are compelled to give up hope after an arduous wait. The weak and poor are on their own because might is right. Relationships are need-based and have been reduced to a spectacle on social networking sites. The virtual world has taken over our reality and glossy visuals have hijacked genuine content.

Unable to make sense of such a hollow, self-centered culture, many today are at the end of their tether; some are even forced to take their life. Those who show the courage of standing by their principles are made to pay a price, abandoned, threatened or eliminated. Its been a while since we last witnessed the victory of good over evil. How long will it go on this way?

It is clear that the good and the bad cannot live together. As the world today is conducive to negativity, where should the good people go? Will they too be eventually be swept away by the current of moral decline, or is there any hope for them?

As change is inevitable, nothing lasts forever. These difficult times too shall pass. In fact there’s little time left for the empire of evil now. They say that when sin and suffering reach extreme proportions, they are at their end. So it is time for goodness to replace them, for a new world order to set in. Some more patience and we will be at the beginning of anew cycle of time.

The bible speaks of a time when the meek will inherit the earth. According to Hindu scriptures, after the total degradation of values in the iron age, the cycle of time begins again and from its superlative stage, ‘Satyug’. There the lion and lamb drink from the same trough. This world of complete non-violence is in the offing. So the struggle of good people will end soon. In the Golden Age, they will no longer have to swim against the tide as all values will be in full bloom.

The present cloudy times will surely give way to sunshine, but not all will bask in it. Only those who stick to their virtues now, cleanse themselves of acquired falsity and revive their Bouncy Castle original spiritual sheen will be rewarded…(more)


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