Regaining paradise by conquering lust

Sep 29th, 2017

Of all the tragic tales that have been known to humanity down the ages, the most tragic and moving tale is about how humans fell from divine grace and lost the paradise they had inherited from God. Yet it is this tragic tale that leads to the most heroic saga of hope, courage, faith and wisdom that helps the human beings to regain the lost paradise. All religious writings, prophetic utterances, myths, legends and visions allude to a perfect time and place called heaven or paradise where human beings were God-like, divine and existed in perfect bliss. There was no death, sorrow, disease, crime, poverty or pollution in that world.

More than anything else, all human endeavour is aimed at reclaiming that lost heaven, whether through religion or science. The human soul is made in the image of God, so every human soul is originally good. Many religious talk of the original sin that man committed, for which humans were condemned to a life of toil, pain and death. “Of man’s first disobedience, and the fruit/of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste/ brought death into the world, and all our woe” – John Milton wrote in the ‘paradise lost’. But what was the sin that man committed which brought us to this state of woe? Disobedience of God’s law or divine code of conduct was the first transgression that divine beings made.

And this fatal transgression took place when their consciousness shifted from the soul to the body. When the divine beings ate the forbidden fruit of body consciousness lust overcame their mind. In Hinduism, the residents of Satyug, i.e., deities like Shri Radhe and Shri Krishna, Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan are worshipped because they were completely viceless. Particularly they were free from lust.

Even in this Iron Age, people bow before celibate sanyasis. If a celibate were to break his vow of celibacy he loses all respect. Virgin girls are still worshipped in India during festivals like Navratri as they are seen as embodiments of Shakti (divine mother), but after a girl gets married it is customary for her to bow before everyone.

Conquering Lust is considered the highest qualification for attaining divinity. Those who attain victory over ‘kama’ are shown having a crown of light (halo) and are entitled to be addressed as His/Her Holiness. It is said that “kamajeet jagatjeet” (those who conquer lust conquer the world). The deities ruled the world in satyuga because they had conquered lust.

A civil eyed person alone is truly civilized. In heaven all had civil or pure vision. They looked at the soul even though they had the most beautiful bodies. In the present world, lust is so pervasive that people who indulge in lust have become blind to age, ethics, relationships and social norms.

There is mention of pure birth in scriptures. Christ is known as the son of virgin Mary. The birth of Pandavas, Sita, Kabir etc., is also said to have been pure, i.e., without sexual Bouncy Castle conception. The Golden Age world was so scientifically advanced that the process of birth was pure.

In order to conquer the vice of lust we must remedy the root cause of our fall. When humans transgressed the fundamental spiritual truth that we are divine souls and not physical bodies, we lost all divine powers and began to indulge in sensual pleasures.

Reawakening our consciousness to the original state of truth and purity by practicing soul consciousness and remembering God with a true heart will absolve us of all the sins committed by the soul in the state of body consciousness.

There is a saying that – “The road to hell is paved with good intentions; the road to heaven is paved with good deeds”.

Soul consciousness means to imbibe God’s qualities in the self and value them. Actions performed in this awareness express reverence for God and one’s own divinity; mere knowledge or talk of goodness will not bring paradise.

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