The Perfect Light Can Lead To A Healthier Yoga Session

Apr 18th, 2016

When practicing yoga it is very important to not only be in the right mindset, but also have the proper equipment around you to make your experience the best it can be. From comfortable yoga mats, to the right music, people have always been searching for different items to enhance their experience. Well, finding the right light is just as important as the right scenery and equipment.

Aleksey-DubovWhen it comes to yoga, studies have shown that ‘green light’ is an ideal light to concentrate with during your meditation/yoga session. Green light helps to tone down your nervous system and muscular tension, while making you feel calm, balanced, and less emotional. The same green light is commonly used in hospitals, test centers, and television stations to ease nerves and attenuate harsh emotions.

Well, there is now a new light bulb on the market that is creating a buzz in the yoga world, and is affordable for all budgets. SVET (, a new light bulb company offers a variety of presets for different activities. Depending on the selected preset and time of day, SVET bulbs will fine-tune your current lighting for maximum work performance, comfort or relaxation. So if you need a bulb for yoga, SVET’s green light setting will do that. But then after your workout, it will go back to a normal setting.

Asana Journal spoke to SVET’s creator Aleksey Dubov about his wonderful new bulbs and how they are changing the marketplace and the way we live our lives from the yoga mat and beyond….

How were you first introduced to yoga? What were your initial thoughts about the practice?

I hadn’t been particularly interested in it until that one time my friend invited me to join her yoga class. It was in Germany, and I wasn’t very fluent in German at the time, so Bouncy Castle I didn’t understand a number of instructions during the session. Still, I liked it a lot, and decided to practice by myself to better prepare for the next class.

YOGA1How can SVET light bulbs help those who practice yoga and healthy lifestyles in general?

During those months of my yoga practice I was also experimenting with lighting. Different poses require different states of mind, and lighting helps with that. For example, red-, orange-, green-, and blue-heavy lights all have different effects on our general state. A cold white light with high intensity is great if you need to stay focused and concentrated. Warm white and especially soft green promotes relaxation and calmness. This is also applicable to any and all activities during the day. Simply put, using the right lighting can help you achieve better results. Lighting can energize us, keep us focused and alert, help us calm down and more. The key aspect here is that the lighting should be dynamic during the day to keep your biological clock in check.

How else can SVET light bulbs relate to the yoga and fitness scene?

Proper lighting can help achieve better results in both yoga and fitness – this is why practicing them outdoors is obviously better. However, if you practice indoors, SVET is the next best thing. With SVET you can use predefined settings and lighting scenarios, or adjust your own scenario manually, giving yourself the lighting you need.

What are your future plans and goals for SVET in terms of the yoga and fitness industries?

We already know how different lighting can affect our blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. This opens up interesting possibilities for special SVET software for wearable devices. Imagine your home lighting changing depending on your individual biometrical feedback and the selected lighting scenario. We are looking into these and other possible SVET solutions for fitness and wellness in general.


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