Yoga and Plastic Surgery

Nov 21st, 2015

These days, countless inpiduals undergo plastic surgery to fix or enhance things on their bodies. From breast augmentation‎s to rhinoplasty‎, Dr. Sergio Alvarez out of Miami, Florida has handled all types of procedures and worked with some of today’s biggest celebrities. While he himself is a beginner to the world of yoga, he has been made aware of Post-Op Yoga (not to be confused with Restorative Yoga) that is specifically designed for anyone who has undergone surgery and is looking for added ways to quickly heal the body & soul.

Post-Op Yoga teaches inpiduals to relax and heal through a gentle and restorative yoga practice, breathing techniques, and meditation, that can help accelerate the healing process, although consistency, perseverance and patience is key, along with obviously following your doctor’s orders and instructions for your specific procedure.

We here at Asana Journal spoke exclusively with Dr. Alvarez about his thoughts on Post-Op Yoga, yoga in general and how it helps him as a surgeon…

How were you first introduced to yoga?  What were your original thoughts to the practice?

My first experience with yoga was during residency when a girlfriend of mine took me to a Bikram yoga class. Wow! I thought I was going to die! Probably not the best way to get introduced, but I did see how useful it was for someone who is constantly on their feet and has a high stress profession.

Can you tell us about how practicing yoga helps you in your profession?

It definitely helps calm the mind and keep the body as limber as possible!

What is your overall sense of how people in Miami, Florida and their general interest in yoga?

I think Miami has a very large community and interest in yoga! This is a place where people take their bodies seriously! Especially since its beach season year round!

What are your thoughts on Post-Op Yoga for patients?

I think anything that anything that relaxes the mind or body is great post op. We don’t always think about how much our mind plays a role in healing.

Do you work on a lot of patients who practice yoga?

Yes, especially being in Miami I see a lot of people that like to take care of themselves and yoga plays a big role in that around here

What has been your greatest challenge when it comes to your personal practice of yoga?

I think it has been finding the time. I am up so early since my operating schedule keeps me busy, but I definitely look for every opportunity to continue to learn.

Where is your favorite place to practice yoga/meditation?

I travel a lot, so I always look for serene areas to get away from the fast paced life I live here in Miami.


Written By Sebastian Thomas exclusively for Asana Journal

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