Jan 8th, 2019

Yoga — a mind-body practice — is considered one of many types of complementary and integrative health approaches. Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines that may help you achieve peacefulness of body and mind. This can help you relax and manage stress and anxiety

How Can Yoga Help to Overcome Stress?

By practising yoga every day, you can start to feel relaxed, at ease and relieved from all that has been running in your mind. Although, you do need to be patient with the process, and with yourself, as the journey to calming the mind may take some time. Yoga can help you ease away from the stressors in your life.

Yoga helps to connect the breath to your body movements. The breath is always with you, to help you in times of stressful situations. As we practise yoga, we become more aware of our breath and how the body is feeling. This means we can become more scivolo gonfiabile aware of signals that our body is sending us when we are beginning to get stressed so that we can then respond to these signals in a more mindful way, rather then habitually reacting to them.

Yoga helps us to ignite our parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system that relaxes and calms the body and mind. A lot of the time, these days, people are living in automatic pilot, which means that they are unaware of what they are doing, how they are feeling or how they may be being consumed by their own thoughts. By being more aware, we can feel when the body is getting stressed. We may then realise that it was from a thought we were having or a situation we were imagining, so not our actual reality. Therefore, your sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze) may have been sending unnecessary signals, which would cause stress in the body and the mind.

Benefits of Yoga for Stress Management:

1. Union of mind, body, and soul:

A combination of breathing exercises and asana unites the mind, body, and soul. Imbalance of these three gives birth to health issues and unwanted mental stress. Health experts and yogis have confirmed that yoga has relieved people from stress to a great extent.

2. Improved sleep:

Some forms of exercises in yoga help you sleep peacefully. Most people complain of the inability to sleep properly due to various issues troubling them in and out in their life. People bring more focus in life with regular yoga practice.

3. Increased energy:

Breathing exercises are extremely important in yoga for stress management. The slow breath patterns along with inhaling and exhaling techniques bring more positive energy to your body. Scientifically, it helps the oxygen to pass through your organs by making you feel relaxed.

4. Increased concentration:

Yoga asanas relax your body by overcoming stress. We all must have noticed forgetfulness when we are worried about something that’s disturbing us. It leads to a confused state of mind. Yoga brings an improved concentration to deal with situations with a calm mind.

5. Experience deep Relaxation:

Meditation is an important factor in yoga for stress management. One of the essential things expected during stress management is the ease of mind. Yoga with meditation balances those alpha waves that are needed to relax your mind. While you do the breathing exercises, your heart rate tends to become normal and blood pressure normalizes.

6. Boost in Confidence:

Stress often breaks us and tears us apart from taking decisions in life with confidence. We start feeling confused and indecisive in everything and seek others’ support. Yoga for stress management is the best alternative for bringing back inner confidence.

About the Author:Anna Lives in Germany and she is a -ERYT- 500. She has Completed a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga India Foundation in Rishikesh, India, She has a yoga studio in Saarland Germany. Anna loves to travel, explore and connect with yogis

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