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Ayurveda Talks

Ayurveda for Child Care

Nature is the first mother of this body made of five elements. Children with mental and physical stability are an asset for the society and a great strength for the country. In Ayurveda, “Kaumarabhr...
Nov 14th, 2016

Clean Energy For a New World

The fallout of industrialisation, urbanisation and consumerism has been continual exploitation of nature and its resources, resulting in ecological imbalance that is taking a heavy toll on human life....
Oct 7th, 2016
Ayurveda Talks

Living Young with Nature

Longevity of life is not complete without good health, hence health and longevity go hand in hand. The puzzle is, what are those invisible moments that breach the health out of us and reduce the life ...
Aug 22nd, 2016
Ayurveda Talks

Prakriti – Factors and Facts

It is always interesting to understand the intricacies of nature and the various ways in which it casts its magic. In this fast moving world, we hardly take a minute to stop and realise ...

Jul 19th, 2016
Ayurveda Talks

Concepts of Natural therapy

“Old may not be gold...but definitely has a very good hold on present day interventions”, especially in the vast field of medicine. Health is not a bottle of “tonic” that can be had at two gul...
Oct 2nd, 2015
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