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Yoga Practice

Yoga Marma Points For Digestion

In India, traditional food consists of six tastes, sweet, sour, pungent, astringent, bitter and salt. It is customary in gurukulam for people to sit down and eat the food for better digestion. A lot o...
Oct 1st, 2017
Yoga Philosophy

The key to this world, and beyond

Manifested creation, of which humans are a part, has the inherent tendency of movement. The movement is either upwards or downwards, be it the spiritual world or the commercial world or your emotional...
Sep 30th, 2017
Yoga Practice

Beyond A Physical Practice

The most important benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy. According to medical scientists, yoga therapy is successful because of the balance created in the nervous and endocrine system. Throu...
Sep 30th, 2017
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