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Ayurveda for Child Care

Nature is the first mother of this body made of five elements. Children with mental and physical stability are an asset for the society and a great strength for the country. In Ayurveda, “Kaumarabhr...
Nov 14th, 2016

Clean Energy For a New World

The fallout of industrialisation, urbanisation and consumerism has been continual exploitation of nature and its resources, resulting in ecological imbalance that is taking a heavy toll on human life....
Oct 7th, 2016

Anti-ageing – Breathe It Right

If you trace a person from being an infant to a full grown adult, you will notice, in most cases, a progressive decline in the skin texture and complexion. A baby is glowing pink whereas most adults, ...
Oct 7th, 2016
Editor's note

Editor’s Note Issue 165

This month we feature Carolyn Costin who has written a book on eating disorder. Many do not realise most of the disease that arise within us starts from the food we eat. As increasing number of people...
Oct 5th, 2016

Yoga – An Affordable Therapy

At the start of each class, we focus on our breath. We feel our whole upper body open like a balloon as we inhale and release as we exhale. Our breath guides us through our practice, keeping our minds...
Oct 3rd, 2016
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