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The keys to keeping fit

Whether you are a student, a doctor or an actress, keeping fit and staying healthy is very important. We got to do a exclusive Q&A with Hollywood, California veterinarian-turned-actress Hillary...
Mar 24th, 2016

Good Vibrations

Before she spent eight years chanting with Frank Barnett, before she took the stage with Brenda McMorrow at Bhakti Fest, and long before she sang back-up harmonies for Jai Uttal, Beth Gatchall sang ...
Mar 24th, 2016
Yoga Feature

A Peek into Kino’s Yoga Life

From her official website, Kino MacGregor is described as an international yoga teacher, author of three books, producer of six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs, writer, vlogger, world traveler, co...
Mar 24th, 2016

Yoga for insomnia

Some of us know this only too well: laying in bed, eyes closed, it’s night. Time to sleep, right? But instead, we are wide awake beneath those closed eyelids. Sleeping problems have been known to...
Mar 19th, 2016

A Parable of Unmaking

Once upon a time, a body of wisdom made of bones and sinew traveled to the West. The gurus took flight to embody a yoga mission. They dreamt it would mesmerize and transform people in the new land. A ...
Mar 14th, 2016
Editor's note

Editor’s Note Issue 159

Time flies by in a fast paced city like Hong Kong.  It feels like New Year was just last week and we are already in March.  With so many things happening,  sometimes one loose track of t...
Mar 8th, 2016
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