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Sounds of the Earth

Awaken to the sounds of the earth. The whispers of the ocean, The chatter amongst the birds, The sounds of waves crashing against the soil beneath their form. This is the paradise of the now. ...
Oct 2nd, 2015

Digital Mysticism

Have you ever hacked into the core of your normal everyday affairs in order to insert a page break in the web of your life? Have you ever stopped and allowed yourself the space to just feel the ecstat...
Sep 30th, 2015
Yoga Feature

Ananda Vrindavan Champu

Jani Jaatinen aka Mahayogi Gokul has been practicing bot and Ashtanga yoga every day for over 15 years. He has integrated those spiritual practices as a big part of his life. He undertook extensive yo...
Sep 29th, 2015
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