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Interview with Dana Falsetti

Asana: Could you share with us the experience of your binge eating disorder? How was your life and mood being affected by it? Dana: Where to begin. Well, I think my eating disorder st...
Apr 21st, 2016

Interview with actor Steven Ogg

Steven Ogg is one of those actors you just don’t forget! From Grand Theft Auto to Better Call Saul to The Walking Dead, Steven has played every type of character on TV, in movies and in games. So wh...
Apr 21st, 2016
Yogic Diet

Chickpeas Salad

A staple of Middle Eastern, North African and Indian cuisines, the Chick Pea is also known as Garbanzo Bean in Latin America, Bengal gram in India, Hummus in Arab countries or Shimbra in Ethiopia. It ...
Mar 24th, 2016
Ayurveda Talks

Ayurveda Forever Healthy Eyes

Eyes are the first wonderful organs that help you see and appreciate the beauty of this creation. Health of your eyes depend on numerous factors starting from the extent of the nourishment of the preg...
Mar 24th, 2016
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